Pumps Shoes

Pumps Shoes

Pumps are very specific style of women shoes also called court shoes. Picture as below… it could be High heeled or Low… does not matter.

1. Classic Pumps or Court Shoes as below:

2. Other kind is Ankle Strap Pumps which does not have materials in the side(s) of the Pumps-Shoes.

3. Then you have Peep Toe Pumps that have Opening in the front for the Toe to Peep out.

4. Then you have Ankle Straps Pumps that have Single or multiple straps for design/support.

5. T-Strap Pumps are ones with a strap forming a “T” in the front of the shoes

6. And you have Slingback Pumps that have a strap in the back for grip n support instead of firm material:

7. In addition to the above unique Pump type, you may have a combination of these styles.. for example, Ankle Strap Pumps Peep Toe Pumps like below:

Or a Strappy Peep Toe, SlingBack Pumps:

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